Making Your Project Sponsor a Project Champion

We may find ourselves in situations where a project doesn’t have a sponsor – but is in desperate need of one. Or when there is a project sponsor who does not understand her role and is not your project champion. What can we do and what options do we have when a sponsor is assigned to a project, and it is soon discovered that person is ineffective or not a good fit? 

If your projects are languishing because of “sponsorship” issues, you might find it necessary to manage up: to progressively help your sponsor move from being ineffective to effective and eventually to champion status.  How can you do that?

Making a Project Sponsor a Project Champion

You Need a Project Champion!

Using a series of case study handouts, Ed will facilitate a free exchange of ideas. 

Areas to be Explored

  • Defining the difference between Project Sponsor and Project Champion.
  • What should a sponsor do when more than one person is managing a project?
  • What happens when a Project Sponsor is too invested in the project?

Scheduling Details

This session will explore cases in which project sponsor problems arose.  The discussions will focus on ideas for how to improve these situations.

To schedule this session, please contact Edward Dolan.