How To Work With Skilled, But Unproductive Employees

A talented employee who just keeps coming up short of your expectations . . .

A previously productive team member who now seems to miss deadlines, come late to meetings and deliver lower quality work . . .

You have tried the usual motivation approaches, but they don’t seem to nudge this to the level of performance you expect.

What else might be going on for them?

Unproductive Employees

What’s In Their Heads?

These are difficult questions to explore. Who really wants to step into someone else’s head (and emotions)?

But you don’t have to, for the following reasons:

  1. A manager’s job is to manage behavior, actions, not thoughts and not emotions.

  2. Curiosity about patterns of behavior (regardless of their origin) is essential to being an effective manager.

  3. Actions a manager can take to address each of these potential problem areas translate into effective actions for every member on the team.

Supervisor and Unproductive Employees

Effectiveness With Whole Team

This session will offer:

  • advice on how to be curious in ways that respect professional and legal boundaries;

  • ways to rethink a manager’s role in relation to a wide diversity of employees; and

  • practical goals to accomplish in enhancing every employee’s productivity.

Learning Objectives

To learn at least 2 new and useful tools/techniques to:

  • Break through our own assumptions about what a “normal” employee is.

  • Equitably assess how to best use the skills and strengths of your team.

  • Offer suggestions to your employees that buttress their own attempts to be more productive.

Stone-Burdened Unproductive Employee

The Weight Of the World – And Work

To schedule this session, please contact Edward Dolan.