How To Run Productive Meetings

A large number of people walk into meetings with white noise already playing in their heads (and emotions):

  • “This meeting runs too long.”

  • “We never get anything accomplished.”

There have been many books, articles and workshops over the years that have offered a wide array of techniques to improve meetings. Too few have focused on why and whether to have the meeting. Too many have assumed too much about default settings for the way meetings are run.

This session will offer ways to rethink what it is we actually try to accomplish when we do decide a meeting (or series of meetings) is to be held.

Rethinking Meetings

Rethinking Meetings

Learning Objectives

To be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is the single greatest (and most actionable) reason meetings become a waste of precious work time?

  • Who bears the greatest responsibility for a successful meeting?

  • What are the essential roles that must be handled by the meeting chair?

  • Why is it important that decisions made at a meeting be both clear and documented?

To learn at least 2 new and useful tools/techniques to improve the productivity of meetings.

Productive meetings

Meetings: A Fresh Beginning

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