Improving Global Health

I interviewed Beverly Brown for Medical Development Insights on the UR Business Network. Beverly is Director of Development for the Center for Global Health & Development (CGHD) at Boston University. She joined the Center for Global Health & Development at Boston University in 2010 to lead the effort to diversify the funding for programs, people, and projects. She is primarily focused on diversifying funding for global health initiatives, life science research and development.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Once again, it became clear in the interview how important bedrock project management principles can be: listening to the local community to hear their needs and how they describe their needs; planning; scheduling; budgeting; preparing a business model for sustained success.

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My expertise is in improving project success for bio-medical technology companies. I consult, train and coach decision makers, both executives and employees to: • Recognize the real, underlying problems that stymie further progress. • Change what is undermining their success. • Develop systems that will reinforce, sustain and build upon their achievements.

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