Project Management: Being creative and productive

Why do so many projects in bio-medical technology companies fail?

The evidence is overwhelming that it is a poor understanding of the people issues involved.

I help life science managers and teams learn how to work effectively. This seems like such an obvious, “easy” thing to assume – but these “soft skills” are so maddeningly hard to use that they are often absent during project work.

I do consulting, coaching and training on some of the most intractable problems organizations face:

  • projects that don’t meet deadlines
  • meetings that don’t produce results
  • teams that don’t seem to work effectively
  • star performers who alienate colleagues
  • high potential employees who feel frustrated

I specialize in medical device, biotech and medical IT organizations.

To learn more about my approach to improving project management in the medical development industry, listen to this interview by Mario Castaneda and Rick Brutti on the UR Business Network:


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